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Young Black Thugs: Put Em Down Like Dogs

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School psychologist Mark A Traina, the other day, Tweeted the above statements talking about the incarceration rate of black youth in the Jefferson Parish area of Louisiana. Mr. Traina is also the same person that believes Zimmerman was the actual victim in the Trayvon Martin Murder.

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And You think it doesn’t Exist: Jason Smith killed by KKK

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****warning some images in the video may be disturbing.****

**************THIS MAY BE A HOAX we are vetting this information now **************

In 2011, a 14-year-old black teenage boy named Jason Smith was killed in Louisiana by members of the KKK. This is the fathers testimony of what happened to his son and a plea for justice. I have heard this generation both black and white say racism does not exist anymore and I just start shaking my head. Is this generation that naive to think that because they may have not personally experienced racism that it does not exist?

History has a way of repeating itself if nothing changes and cases like this are starting to surface all across the country from Trayvon Martin to Jason Smith. We will try to bring more information about this video and case as it is revealed. Until then Raise yo fist and wake the hell Up…

Smoldering Spark: Blacks Shot by White males

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Oklahoma Shooting SupectsAlarming news from Tulsa Oklahoma this weekend. The kindling is steadily being added to the wood pile and fuel constantly being poured to saturate the timber. This past five blacks (both male and female) were shot in cold blood, three died and two other wounded by two white males in an apparent hate filled shooting spree.
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