Wake Up: Donald Sterling!

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Over the weekend breaking news came out about the Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist Sterling’s voice in the recording stating “[we] do not condone or share [his] views.” The NBA has launched a full investigation into the recording to determine if it is Sterling’s voice. But what will happen after the investigation confirms the voices? will they strip him of being an owner, can they do that legally? If not, then what? A Fine? A Suspension? Either way he still owns the team. Continue reading


Mistrial: Dunn found Guilty

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Michael Dunn

In the case of the State v Dunn, the jury found Michael Dunn guilty on four of the five charges: three counts of second-degree attempted murder and one count of shooting or throwing a deadly missile. However, the jury could not agree on the first degree murder count. Dunn faces up to 60 years for the three attempted murder charges.
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State v Michael Dunn: Defense Rests

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Michael Dunn testifies in his First degree Murder trial in the shooting of Jordan Davis

Michael Dunn testifies in his First degree Murder trial in the shooting of Jordan Davis

February 12, 2014 the defense in trial of Michael Dunn (who shot and killed Jordan Davis) rested. Will justice finally be served You may remember this story, we hope it stays in the front of your mind. We did a piece on the tragic shooting on December 2, 2012 (Crank it up for Jordan Davis) that outlined the account of the shooting. Michael Dunn who entered a plea of not guilty argued that it was self-defense. He shot in fear of his life after the teens in the SUV brandished a gun. Continue reading

Absurd Cheerios Caller

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First, let us remind everyone again this is Black History month. The Super Bowl is over and there are a few good commercials. General Mills has again embraced interracial couples by showcasing this beautiful your girl in its new ad (above). The original sparked a lot of negative comments from both the black and white communities. However, those comments are nothing like the one spouted from a middle age white woman who called into the D.L. Hughley show on February 3, 2014 after the airing of the new Cheerio’s Commercial. Continue reading

February is Black History Month

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People in Black History

February is Black History Month in the United States, so we created this photo in dedication to many of the historic black figures. Many of which may go unrecognized in history books, media, and other teachings; but it is up to each one of us to pass our heritage down. How many of these names do you recognize? How many of them do you know for their accomplishments. Let’s Celebrate our culture, our heritage and our pride over the next 24 days.

Degrading Times: When Images Have Voices

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This weekend we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. birthday.  While hundreds of thousands celebrated the slain civil rights leader birthday an online magazine Buro 247 posted a fashion piece on its website with the following picture.

white dominance and superiority

Before you get too angry the black woman who is seemingly half nude is not a real woman, but an actual chair, there is also a white woman version of the chair.  The problem in the picture is the white woman who is a Russian editor-in-chief of Garage Magazine is Dasha Zhukova. Buro 247, along with the magazine’s editor Miroslava Duma, thought this image was a good choice to depict fashion and art. However, that ideology was lost in its depiction of white  supremacy and dominance. It seems that the fashion and art are the two main outlets to produce and promote such blatant racism without any repercussions.   Though this is a Russian media outlet that did this the online magazine quickly cropped the image only showing Ms Zhukova sitting, but it was not done before the backlash of negative responses came pouring into the magazine.  Despite this idiocracy we hope that you had a great Freedom Day.

Zimmerman:Not Guilty!??

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WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA … WTH. It’s now legal to kill an unarmed person (Especially if they are black) if you claim self defense.


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