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Mississippi: Run N***** Run!

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Madison County Circut Court Judge Bill WeisenbergerThis should come to no surprise from the state of Mississippi. Afterall, the state has been notorious for its treatment of blacks in the south. Mississippi, a state whose history is filled with lynchings, murder, racism, and segregation makes headlines yet again, but with a justice court judge yelling out Run N*****, Run! at a Mississippi flea market. Continue reading


Gun Control – Why the fuss?

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U.S. Gun control Debate

Gun control has become the number one most talked about news in the country before and after the election. We have purposely chose to stay away from such a potential powder keg of a topic, but after hearing a few conversations by gun enthusiasts and non-gun owners it was about time to weigh in on this controversial topic.

So what is all the fuss over gun control laws? With the media claiming a rash of intense shootings across the country the outcry to curb gun violence became very loud especially after the horrific shooting of innocence in Sandy hook. Some blame the violence of Television others blame the violence in video games as the issue, but if this were the case why isn’t there a mass shooting each week? Like that statement the theory of blaming games and TV is nonsense. The real issue is the decline of moral society. But lets look at the gun debate. Continue reading

The Biggest thing We Learned Last Night?

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President Obama's acceptance speech 11-6-12

Congratulations are in order to the President of the United States of America. Last night America voted once again, though at first it seemed to sway in the favor of former Governor Romney (who by the way lost his own home state) but quickly came back in the Presidents favor. Florida was a surprise state for the Romney camp, as two counties who were traditionally Republican switched to Democratic and gave Obama the 29 Electoral Votes. It took a while for Romney to concede to President Obama and there were rumors that he would fight for Ohio, however, after an hour Romney made the call he had dreaded the most. He had to congratulate the POTUS on his successful win.

So what does Romney have in store now? Nothing he joins the “47%” of American in unemployment. Will he be able to collect unemployment benefits? But one thing is for sure, America has decided on who they wanted in office. Ultimately God made the choice and who can argue with him.

So what did we learn from last night’s election? Always write two speeches.

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What’s Driving the Division: Un-United States

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After two presidential debates and one VP debate, many Americans are still undecided on who to vote for and which candidate will be best for this country. Republicans are quick to say the past 4 years were terrible, but if you have read, listened, and looked closely over the past 4 years you can see a picture that was clearly starting to form. The picture if you are wondering is that of a RED party. There was no chance of a bipartisan House or Senate from the first day of the Obama Administration. Republicans quickly drew lines in the sand after the 2008 elections vowing to stop any bill and not work with now President Obama. In 2009, just days after the President was sworn in a memo was sent out to Republican senators stating to vote against the President’s measures. In addition, Mitch O’Connell was quoted as saying that the GOP’s top priority was making Obama a one term president. Continue reading

It’s not Race, It’s about Policy….Really?

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There are less than 50 days before Americans head to the polls to vote for their candidate of choice. As the days wind down more and more attacks are coming from both sides, however, many have said this is just all political but is it really? NO it is not just political its about race. At the start of 2012, a RAMF created a bumper sticker (above image) that he was selling on his website that is filled with hatred toward the President not because he disagrees with policy, platform, but because of his race. This is Racial Politics at its best. Continue reading

Only Idiots don’t Vote: Go Vote!

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Violence of Voting

The 2012 elections are just around the corner and it is time for everyone to get out and vote. First, if you have not registered please register to vote, not is it your right to vote but so many have died so that you can vote. Secondly, if you say “My vote doesn’t matter” you are sadly mistaken. Voting is what makes this country a true democracy and if you do not vote then you do not need to complain about who is in office as you had a active part in placing them in office.
Continue reading

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