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Bring Back Jim Crow: Cotten Gin Workers File Federal Suit

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Antonion Harris - Atkinson Cotton Warehouse

We all use or wear cotton, but for blacks in the south when we pass fields of cotton memories come flooding back to the days of slavery. The hot, harsh conditions picking cotton by hand from sun up to sun down with very little break and not meeting a quota meant being whipped or no food. Though they may not have happened directly to us, these stories have been passed down and the vision is ever so real. Continue reading


Mississippi: Run N***** Run!

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Madison County Circut Court Judge Bill WeisenbergerThis should come to no surprise from the state of Mississippi. Afterall, the state has been notorious for its treatment of blacks in the south. Mississippi, a state whose history is filled with lynchings, murder, racism, and segregation makes headlines yet again, but with a justice court judge yelling out Run N*****, Run! at a Mississippi flea market. Continue reading


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sterling Banned

Zimmerman:Not Guilty!??

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WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA … WTH. It’s now legal to kill an unarmed person (Especially if they are black) if you claim self defense.


Brutal Jasper: What’s Going wrong In Jasper, Texas?

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Can anything good come from Jasper?

A few months ago we reported about this small town in Texas named Jasper that ousted its first black elected Police Chief: Rodney Pearson. Jasper is also the scene of the brutal hate crime of James Bryd Jr. 15 years ago. Sadly a new report comes out of the same town where ex chief of police Rodney Pearson was ousted last year as well as many of it elected black council members. Continue reading

Only Idiots don’t Vote: Go Vote!

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Violence of Voting

The 2012 elections are just around the corner and it is time for everyone to get out and vote. First, if you have not registered please register to vote, not is it your right to vote but so many have died so that you can vote. Secondly, if you say “My vote doesn’t matter” you are sadly mistaken. Voting is what makes this country a true democracy and if you do not vote then you do not need to complain about who is in office as you had a active part in placing them in office.
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I Just shot a N****r!!!!

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July 30, 2012, 32-year-old Everett Gant went to the apartment of 59-year old Walton Henry Butler to talk to him about some racist statements he made to children in the apartment complex. Butler who was eating dinner answered the door and [we don’t know if there was an argument or not] shot Everett Gant in the head, closed the door, and returned to eating his dinner as Gant lay bleeding outside the door.

Gulf County police say that Butler acted confused as to his arrest stating ” I only shot a n****r!” Yeah you read that correctly. His response surprised police who have arrested Butler on attempted murder charges with added hate crime charges.

Gant is in stable condition and is recovering.

Butler was brought to the investigation unit where he was interviewed and basically admitted to shooting and acted like it was not like a big deal or anything…”I just shot a n****r!”

What is the value of a humans life? That depends on the color of his skin. For decades we as black have faced so many horrendous crimes against us that if written would fill every shelf in the Library of Congress. Things like this must stop, but many of this new generation is still oblivious to these matters. Many have said that there is no such thing as racism or that these things happened in the 1800s. No they still occur today. Just look around you; watch the news; listen to your surroundings. It happens everyday in every community.

Wake the Hell Up.

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