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February is Black History Month

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People in Black History

February is Black History Month in the United States, so we created this photo in dedication to many of the historic black figures. Many of which may go unrecognized in history books, media, and other teachings; but it is up to each one of us to pass our heritage down. How many of these names do you recognize? How many of them do you know for their accomplishments. Let’s Celebrate our culture, our heritage and our pride over the next 24 days.


It’s not Race, It’s about Policy….Really?

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There are less than 50 days before Americans head to the polls to vote for their candidate of choice. As the days wind down more and more attacks are coming from both sides, however, many have said this is just all political but is it really? NO it is not just political its about race. At the start of 2012, a RAMF created a bumper sticker (above image) that he was selling on his website that is filled with hatred toward the President not because he disagrees with policy, platform, but because of his race. This is Racial Politics at its best. Continue reading

UCLA Discrimination

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Universities are hailed as institutions of higher learning, intellectual establishments and a place of acceptance where young adults seek to find their identities. The blending of different cultures and nationalities are one of the experiences that students are exposed to during their college lives. All colleges and universities are made up of board of regents, student affairs and a wide array of diversity programs. However, one university seems to turn a blind eye to on campus racism and discrimination.
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A Dying Race: Black U.S. Senators

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United States White HouseThe 2012 election year has been filled with political ads across the country vying for political power in all three levels of Government: White HOuse, House of Representatives, and Senate. Many will say that this election year is not about race that it’s about the American people, but those same people will cast their vote only to remove the country’s first Black president. These similar acts of voting are playing out across the country. Very few black democrats or republicans have even made it through the initial voting to make it to the primaries and now this trend has nearly removed all black senators from the Senate.

The House of Representatives have a total of 44 black members which is the largest number on record. However, they may not transition to the Senate races. In fact only two blacks were found on the ballot for Senate seats. One C. Muse the strongest black candidate for a seat and who was predicted to win the seat came in a distant second to Sen. Ben Cardin according to CNN. “CNN found only one other African-American on a Senate ballot, a Florida candidate who isn’t getting much attention among a wide field of contenders.”
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Attractiveness of a Race

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Chocolate Beauty

On May 15, 2011 the day started like any other until the net was buzzing with the latest racist so-called scientific research entitled “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” written by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa. It was placed on Psychology Today’s website and after a multitude of complaints was removed. But little too late as the damage has already been done. With over 25000 readers on its website why was such an article even allowed in the first place without being scientifically proved? Continue reading

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