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Paula Deen: As Sponsors Jump Ship is this The Fall of an Empire?

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paula deen sponsors

UPDATE: Sears, JCPenny, Target has also severed ties with Paula Deen. Additionally, her upcoming book has been cancelled by her publisher.

Paula Deen’s empire seems to be shaken to its core amiss the deposition that surfaced earlier this week. Not only has Smithfield pulled out, but a majority of the big players in corporate America. Home Depot announced that it will stop or not carry any Paula Deen Products as well as Wal-mart severs its ties with Paula even after he video apologies. Continue reading


True Wealth in America

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Wealth Inequality in America We keep hearing about this 1% class in America, but who are they really? We have heard in the political campaigns about the distribution of wealth and the unfair balance of the tax code that is geared toward those top 1%. African- Americans can and always have seen the unfair balance of economic power in this country. Continue reading

What’s Driving the Division: Un-United States

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After two presidential debates and one VP debate, many Americans are still undecided on who to vote for and which candidate will be best for this country. Republicans are quick to say the past 4 years were terrible, but if you have read, listened, and looked closely over the past 4 years you can see a picture that was clearly starting to form. The picture if you are wondering is that of a RED party. There was no chance of a bipartisan House or Senate from the first day of the Obama Administration. Republicans quickly drew lines in the sand after the 2008 elections vowing to stop any bill and not work with now President Obama. In 2009, just days after the President was sworn in a memo was sent out to Republican senators stating to vote against the President’s measures. In addition, Mitch O’Connell was quoted as saying that the GOP’s top priority was making Obama a one term president. Continue reading

It’s not Race, It’s about Policy….Really?

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There are less than 50 days before Americans head to the polls to vote for their candidate of choice. As the days wind down more and more attacks are coming from both sides, however, many have said this is just all political but is it really? NO it is not just political its about race. At the start of 2012, a RAMF created a bumper sticker (above image) that he was selling on his website that is filled with hatred toward the President not because he disagrees with policy, platform, but because of his race. This is Racial Politics at its best. Continue reading

The New Segregation

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Brown v. Board of Education, Rubie BridgesIn 1954, the U.S. supreme Court overturned the 1896 Plessy v. Fergusson decision in the Brown v. Board of Education which paved the way of the desegregation of public schools. Black children were escorted to school under armed guard in the southern states as violence and threats from outraged white citizens swept through states such as Mississippi to North Carolina. Today black children and white children walk to school side by side, eat lunch, learn and socialize in our schools.
Continue reading

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