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Get Those Blacks Off The School Board

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Councilwoman Connie Trude“Get those blacks off the school board” are words spoken by La Marque, TX City Councilwoman Connie Trude. It seems like every other day a case of racism rears its ugly head, this time it is in Texas. Connie Trude has been called to resign her seat as councilwoman of La Marque after making racist comments that were captured on audio. Continue reading


Call Me Master: Iowa Teacher Tells Black Student

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Jabre White a senior at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa was told by his teacher Shawn McCurtain to say “Yes Sir, Massa.” Mr. McCurtain ( a white teacher at Roosevelt) was having the class move to another classroom to take senior finals when the incident occurred. According to Jabre White (a black student), he responded to the teachers request with Yes Sir, the teacher turned and said “say yes, massa.”

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Who’s the Racist?:Mother calls man N word in front of Kids

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Take a good look people. Take a real good hard look of racism in it’s true raw form.
Janelle Ambrosia

On May 30, 2014, Ms. Janelle Ambrosia ( a stripper) with her two children had a verbal altercation with an unknown driver who videotaped the exchange outside a Cheektowaga, NY Dollar General. What we don’t see is what took place before the blatant spewing of ignorance being shouted in front of the children. Continue reading

Bring Back Jim Crow: Cotten Gin Workers File Federal Suit

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Antonion Harris - Atkinson Cotton Warehouse

We all use or wear cotton, but for blacks in the south when we pass fields of cotton memories come flooding back to the days of slavery. The hot, harsh conditions picking cotton by hand from sun up to sun down with very little break and not meeting a quota meant being whipped or no food. Though they may not have happened directly to us, these stories have been passed down and the vision is ever so real. Continue reading

Mississippi: Run N***** Run!

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Madison County Circut Court Judge Bill WeisenbergerThis should come to no surprise from the state of Mississippi. Afterall, the state has been notorious for its treatment of blacks in the south. Mississippi, a state whose history is filled with lynchings, murder, racism, and segregation makes headlines yet again, but with a justice court judge yelling out Run N*****, Run! at a Mississippi flea market. Continue reading


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sterling Banned

Wake Up: Donald Sterling!

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Over the weekend breaking news came out about the Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist Sterling’s voice in the recording stating “[we] do not condone or share [his] views.” The NBA has launched a full investigation into the recording to determine if it is Sterling’s voice. But what will happen after the investigation confirms the voices? will they strip him of being an owner, can they do that legally? If not, then what? A Fine? A Suspension? Either way he still owns the team. Continue reading

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