About The New Revolution

Welcome to The New Revolution. This is not a band, an artist’s page, or a high school project site, instead it is a wake up call to not only Black America, but all America. It started out as a desire to report the news as it affects the black community and issues that are normally overlooked in today’s media outlets, but in order to effect change it must come from inside as well as outside.

Our ancestors were abducted, forced into hard labor, then set free, not totally free; marches were held, we were oppressed and more than 1 million people died, before fists were raised in violence and in non-violence and we were granted our rights through the acts of great civil rights leaders until they were slain. But now we face more battles and some of them are self inflicted, festering wounds of our society that we let take place and shut our eyes and hearts too. Is this the end of a once great and powerful, proud race or can we rebuild the legacy that was lost? This is the question you must ask yourself.

Racism, sexism, hate and are is not and will not be tolerated from any race Black, White, Hispanic nor Asian…. we all bleed the same and were created by God. However, we must make this clear, this blog not meant to incite hatred, fear, panic and division, but bring an atmosphere of education, enlightenment, empowerment and self-worth.

We lost our focus and lost our community strength and with more and more of black youth dropping out of school, being incarcerated and killed we need to unite as one. We need to take a stand and fight to reclaim our culture, our community, our respect, and our love for one another. For there is nothing that we cannot accomplish if we operate as one body.

Some of the things that will be said on this blog will not be well received by all and may not be received by any and hated. This blog (Raised Fist) is here to present some of the issues that are widely missed or go unanswered by today’s biased media outlets and awaken your minds.

With fist raised a cry goes out “No Justice No peace” and “by all means necessary” We will not go quietly and our voices can never be silenced.
The New Revolution


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