Get Those Blacks Off The School Board

Councilwoman Connie Trude“Get those blacks off the school board” are words spoken by La Marque, TX City Councilwoman Connie Trude. It seems like every other day a case of racism rears its ugly head, this time it is in Texas. Connie Trude has been called to resign her seat as councilwoman of La Marque after making racist comments that were captured on audio.

Ms. Trude who was speaking about the financial and academic problems of the school district was recorded by the husband of an another councilwoman. Ms. Trude a two-term councilwoman was heard saying:
“It’s not going to get any better until you get those blacks off the school board..,” [speaking about a newly appointed member of the school board] “She really turned black. She got on the school board with the rest of the blacks and they all just ganged up and that’s why the school system has gone to hell.”

When confronted with the recording, Ms. Trude may no attempts at an apology, but defends what she said stating “what I said was my honest opinion.” After the tape surfaced those in the community voiced their opinions of her during a recent city council meeting. Ms. Trude seemed unphased as resident, after resident called for her to resign her seat.

Ms. Trude openly blamed the black school board members for everything going wrong in the struggling school district. Why? Simply because they are black. Make no mistake about it, this is white members are better than blacks. You may want to disagree with this statement, but you truly cannot overlook Trude’s meaning in the phrasing of her words. After all she admits that she said it and truly believes and stands by every syllable spoken. It’s the same thing, the same sentiments, black people in America have heard for last 140 years

The chair of La Marque City Council condemned the audio recording saying racism is not tolerated on the council. The investigation, which is using taxpayer money, is to conclude on June 30.

There seems to be an epidemic that is sweeping across the shores of America and that epidemic is a renewed birth of racism. Remember everything done in the dark is brought to light and it seems like some flood lights have been switched on.

Wake the Hell up not everyone is fighting for you.


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