Who’s the Racist?:Mother calls man N word in front of Kids

Take a good look people. Take a real good hard look of racism in it’s true raw form.
Janelle Ambrosia

On May 30, 2014, Ms. Janelle Ambrosia ( a stripper) with her two children had a verbal altercation with an unknown driver who videotaped the exchange outside a Cheektowaga, NY Dollar General. What we don’t see is what took place before the blatant spewing of ignorance being shouted in front of the children.

We started to post this story yesterday, but the sheer atrocity of the Cotton Gin factory trumped the story; however, we both sides story of what happened and so we have to address this blatant act. Before you watch the video this is the unedited full video and contains language unsuitable for children or the workplace.

The video starts with the black man (Narvell Benning) doing a narration: “I have this lady on tape calling me racist comments calling me a N****r in front of her kids” The lady later, identified as Janelle Ambrosia, states “you scared my kids” which the occupant of the vehicle responds “how by starting my car?” From this point in the video the lady proceeds to make phone call to someone, we assume her boyfriend or husband, and then she proceeds to call the man a “f-n N****r. The man repeatedly informed her that her children were present, however she seemed oblivious or did not even show concern. The woman’s son then said ” My dad’s a cop and he hates black people too.”

Really America, you are showing your a$$ lately with all these blatant acts. But as we continue to tell you, what’s done in the dark will come to the light. In this day-and-age of cellphones and video cameras more stories such as this will come to light. It’s not surprising, nor should it shock US, but it is shocking to those of us who say there is no racism, bigotry, or discrimination anymore and also shocking to the media and white America as how dumb could you be.

But as we stated earlier we did not know the start of the video just how it ended: but we do now. Janelle, who you will hear from as you read further, states in her phone interview the guy ruined her life after the video was posted. Her ex is taking custody of her kids and let’s put it out there she may as well as retire her thong at the strip club. Who would want to see her in a thong anyway? But how did he ruin her life? Was it not she who verbally attacked him and kept on insulting and attacking him?

According to Narvell Benning, he stopped at the store to buy deodorant and was getting ready to leave the store. He saw the woman and her children walking in the distance and then proceeded to start his truck which in turn startled her little girl or boy. He states that Ms. Ambrosia came running over saying “you ignorant n*****r.” He responds “what did you say to me. ” He started looking for his phone and couldn’t find it at first, but found it and started video tapping which is where the video starts.

Now we have heard Mr. Benning account, it is time to hear from Janelle Ambrosia.

Yesterday, June 4, 2014, Janelle Ambrosia responded live on WBLK 93.7 about the incident in Cheektowaga, NY. Janelle who on the call claims “I am not a racist! I have a black cousin” Okay stop, Stop. You have a black cousin so you automatically or disqualified from being racist?

When asked how did the word N****r come up in the first place: she responded “he just pissed me off, I am bi-polar and if you look it up N****r means an ignorant person…[okay]..it has nothing to do with race… The call continues as the DJ ask her about her son saying he “don’t like y’all either….”

She claims the man called her a crack headed cracker… and claims the driver almost hit her son with his car. This is different from the story the driver states and even what she states in the original video. The teary eyed-sniffiling Janelle seems to be wanting sympathy for her actions claiming that she is “really not a racist, I was just pissed off.” Pissed or not there are some words that you will never use if they are not part of your vocabulary or if you have not used them in past instances.

In his 10 minute interview with WBLK 93.7 FM, he addresses the comments Janelle alleges he called her a “crack head cracker.” Benning says that he did not say those words to her and the DJ in fact says “in the last two minutes man, I just can’t see you saying something like that.”

Janelle who cries that she is the victim, refuses to acknowledge any wrong doing and offers no apology to Mr. Benning or even her children. It’s hard to admit to something when you truly want to hide the truth and you want to lie to yourself that you are a certain way when you are not. In fact, why is that when white people get caught saying something racist that the immediately say i have black friends or my in-laws are black? Is that your only defense?

Expect to see this on an episode of Boodocks soon. There are already Facebook and Twitter accounts setup with Janelle Ambrosia being labeled as a racist. It was not Mr. Benning who caused your world to spiral downward, the hate that spewed from your mouth. Out of abundance of the heart the mouth will speak. ~ Luke 6:45

Wake the hell up.


3 Responses to “Who’s the Racist?:Mother calls man N word in front of Kids”

  1. OK, let’s take a giant step back here. The woman was obviously a little crazy and in a bad mood and this guy in the car purposely agitated her. He needs to man up! Is he really threatened by a woman and her kids? Really? He’s a spineless worm. And furthermore, now he’s trying to cash in on the video! What a piece of garbage. He sat there recording the video and kept pushing her buttons until she went nuts. He was obviously trying to set her up. This has nothing to do with racism either, it’s about a guy looking to make a video for his own gain. She was angry and said things she shouldn’t have. It’s the guy recording the video that’s making this a racism issue. That’s what he kept going back to every few seconds, repeating it, when it was really about the kids being scared or whatever. He totally leaves that fact out. In fact, he’s the one who is racist.

    • I’m going to assume that you are not black! First of all, how was she antagonized in any way? You also can’t use mental illness as an excuse for the hate she spewed, in fact there’s no excuse for the hate she spewed. There is no way you could defend her unless you have the same feelings about minorities that she did, and if that’s the case don’t be a closet racist please because it’s insulting to our intelligence. The word “Nigger” triggers very strong emotions within an African American because as I’m sure you know it’s the word the slave masters came up with to show dominance, power, and just to generally convince themselves that they were better than blacks. What happened was she showed her true colors and now wants to play victim, because she doesn’t have the backbone to stand by the whole world knowing she’s racist. It’s easy for people to defend her behind a keyboard, but these are also the same people who wouldn’t dare do it face to face or in a public space. Racists need to sit down and think logically about what they are promoting, because to me every racist wants to feel superior for some reason and it’s usually something they are lacking within themselves.

    • Ashley Campbell Says:

      Ohh wtf ever Matt! If she was a REAL woman/ Mom, she would havr never acted that way in front of her CHILDREN!!!! If it wasn’t about racism, why in the hell would her little boy say dome racist shit. White people are so much in denial it’s nit even funny. I’m white and was raised to respect any race. If she had any respect for herself she would have walked away. Clearly she is the ignorant one!

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