Mississippi: Run N***** Run!

Madison County Circut Court Judge Bill WeisenbergerThis should come to no surprise from the state of Mississippi. Afterall, the state has been notorious for its treatment of blacks in the south. Mississippi, a state whose history is filled with lynchings, murder, racism, and segregation makes headlines yet again, but with a justice court judge yelling out Run N*****, Run! at a Mississippi flea market.

On May 8, 2014, 20 year-old Eric Rivers visited Canton Flea Market looking for work in order to buy a bicycle. According to witnesses, Eric Rivers who is mentally disabled and African-American was standing on the sidewalk asking vendors if they needed help. It wasn’t uncommon for vendors to pay people to help load and unload their displays:

Cathy Hendrix of Tuscaloosa, a vendor at the Canton Flea Market, told The Clarion-Ledger that she and other vendors rely on local people to help load and unload their vehicles, paying for the help.

Madison County Justice Court Judge Bill Weisenberger (wearing a uniform resembling security or law enforcement) approached the young man, made reared his hand back and slapped Eric Rivers twice. As Eric fled, Judge Bill Weisenberger shouted “Run Boy, Run! Run N*****, Run!” Tammy Westbrook, of Tuscaloosa witnessed the entire exchange and heard Weisenberger yell those words. Weisenberger later bragged about what he had said and done.

After the incident, Ms. Hendrix mentioned she saw Weisenberger

“jump” a female vendor, “telling her he would make her park far away and make her walk to load her goods.”

When the woman replied that he could “change his tone” with her, the judge replied he would only deal with her husband because he didn’t take orders from a woman, she said.

A family friend of Rivers (Vickie McNeill) told press: “He’s a gentle soul, and because he was mentally challenged, he was a child that was simply looking for work. He didn’t want to harm anybody and didn’t think anybody would harm him…”

The Rivers family filed a police complaint and the local chapter of the NAACP is also representing the family. Madison County Grand jury will be investigating the allegations according to Madison County District Attorney.

Weisenberger, elected to the position in 2011 should resign or removed as sitting judge. Prior, Wesinberger was in law enforcement. His rulings since 2011 as well as any arrests should be scrutinized in light of his actions and remarks. Does this constitute a hate crime? There will be many appeals based on the outcome of this case. As of today Weisenberger has not been arrested on the complaint of assault nor has he vacated his position as circuit court judge.

When someone not only tells you who they are, but shows you… believe them and wake the hell up.


2 Responses to “Mississippi: Run N***** Run!”

  1. Tobe MJ eus Says:

    Horrific to say the least!

  2. Tobemeis2bfree Says:

    Horrific to say the least!

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