Wake Up: Donald Sterling!

Over the weekend breaking news came out about the Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist Sterling’s voice in the recording stating “[we] do not condone or share [his] views.” The NBA has launched a full investigation into the recording to determine if it is Sterling’s voice. But what will happen after the investigation confirms the voices? will they strip him of being an owner, can they do that legally? If not, then what? A Fine? A Suspension? Either way he still owns the team.

We said this time and time again, at his age did we not have some speculation of his feelings or did we just not want to ask? In 2009, his former general manager brought a lawsuit against Sterling, citing racists remarks and discrimination. What should the players of the Clippers do? Sunday’s game they wore their warm-up jerseys inside out in protest and also wore black wrist and arm bands. Their 98-117 loss can be attributed to the scandal that is playing out in the media as it clearly affected their game. Should they, could they refuse to play for Sterling, the man who signs their checks; after all he said “[I] buy them clothes, I feed them, I buy them houses…”? His comments and attitude equates to Sterling owning a plantation in the south. We can all agree that 90% of NBA players are black while the highest grossing players are 98% black. Should fans, should those who love the NBA follow Magic’s example and not attend/watch any Clippers games while Sterling is the owner?

Doc Rivers should be commended in trying to hold together a team that is otherwise extremely pissed by the comments by the owner of the team. Sterling, should be forced out as owner of the team and the team turned over to his estranged wife Rochelle. Will the NBA commissioner make this call?

Out of the entire 15 minute audio recording, one phrase should really stick out to you: “…Don’t bring black people to my games.” Your head coach is black, most of your players are black, and many of your fans are black. One thing for certain, Sterling’s new best friend will probably be Cliven Bundy.

The United States’ still struggles with racism, discrimination and struggles to move forward from its past filled with atrocities in slavery, civil rights, equality, imbalanced justice system and immigration. We see more and more of these outlandish sentiments coming forward recently. Is it a new trend or is all the darkness finally coming to the light?

Wake the hell up everybody…..


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