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Degrading Times: When Images Have Voices

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This weekend we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. birthday.  While hundreds of thousands celebrated the slain civil rights leader birthday an online magazine Buro 247 posted a fashion piece on its website with the following picture.

white dominance and superiority

Before you get too angry the black woman who is seemingly half nude is not a real woman, but an actual chair, there is also a white woman version of the chair.  The problem in the picture is the white woman who is a Russian editor-in-chief of Garage Magazine is Dasha Zhukova. Buro 247, along with the magazine’s editor Miroslava Duma, thought this image was a good choice to depict fashion and art. However, that ideology was lost in its depiction of white  supremacy and dominance. It seems that the fashion and art are the two main outlets to produce and promote such blatant racism without any repercussions.   Though this is a Russian media outlet that did this the online magazine quickly cropped the image only showing Ms Zhukova sitting, but it was not done before the backlash of negative responses came pouring into the magazine.  Despite this idiocracy we hope that you had a great Freedom Day.

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