Gun Control – Why the fuss?

U.S. Gun control Debate

Gun control has become the number one most talked about news in the country before and after the election. We have purposely chose to stay away from such a potential powder keg of a topic, but after hearing a few conversations by gun enthusiasts and non-gun owners it was about time to weigh in on this controversial topic.

So what is all the fuss over gun control laws? With the media claiming a rash of intense shootings across the country the outcry to curb gun violence became very loud especially after the horrific shooting of innocence in Sandy hook. Some blame the violence of Television others blame the violence in video games as the issue, but if this were the case why isn’t there a mass shooting each week? Like that statement the theory of blaming games and TV is nonsense. The real issue is the decline of moral society. But lets look at the gun debate.

Lets face it, with the onset of the most violent school, theatre and religious shootings in the last 15 years, gun control has always been a hot topic. In 1994 the U.S. Congress signed into law the ban on automatic assault weapons including AK-47, AR-15s Uzis and many more. Though the NRA found away around this law by offering Semi-automatic version of these weapons which were/are excluded from the ban. By 2004 that ban expired. Since the ban has lifted many politicians had sought to renew the ban, but many attempts failed as research reports stated “should the ban be renewed, its effects on gun violence would likely be small, and perhaps too small for reliable measurement, because rifles in general, including rifles referred to as “assault rifles” or “assault weapons”, are rarely used in gun crimes. [Impact on gun markets and gun Violence]” Unfortunately the gun control debate blossomed as more shootings took place: 1990; 1991; 1999; 2007; 2009; and 2012.

These dates are important to remember. Why because these are the years that mass shootings that killed over 10 people, the highest being the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech with 34 dead and 75 wounded. Clearly something happened between the years of 1994 and 2007, oh yeah the ban subsided. By law a person can buy an AK-47 (at the age of 18) without having to wait the federally mandated 3-days before receipt of the weapon, because it is considered a rifle. Only handguns require the 3-day background period and the owner must be 21. Silly is it not? But this is just part of the laws we have in the U.S. concerning guns. The second amendment protects our right to bear arms, meaning that the Federal government cannot take or impose sanctions on legally gun carrying citizens of the U.S. So you are asking which way do we side about the gun control debate? Maybe this graphic will make our position clear.

Mass murderers in the United States

From 1984 – 2012 these men killed over 100 innocent people

This collage of faces are the faces of the people responsible for causing some of the most horrendous massacres on record. There have been thousands of shootings in the United States and many more will continue unless something is done. The first assault Weapons ban was instituted to curve the violence among gangs that rocked the streets of America.

So why the resistance for gun control? Citizens ran to the gun stores during the 2008 elections in fear that the President would strip them of their rights of guns, but that fear was unwarranted and stirred by both the NRA and the doomed Tea Party. Those same persons still made the same frantic race to the stores fearing the same measures, especially after the Sandy Hook shooting. WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA there in fact needs to be laws passed that keep these military style assault weapons off the streets; neither criminal nor law-binding citizen needs these weapons.

Gun activists say they have the right to have any weapon that they can purchase; that any law that passes oppresses their second amendment rights. [But just because you can buy a tank does not mean you need a tank.] They will also say and chant GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. This is a tiresome over played statement that needs to be addressed. True guns themselves do not kill, but they are readily available tools that in the wrong hands can inflict harm to innocent people. But these activists seemingly do not want any form or regulations on guns/ammunition/rifles.

Before purchasing of a gun a mandatory background check should be made that includes interviews of neighbors, financial records, mental health and local and federal crime databases. Many will gawk at this, but our soldiers, sailors and pilots all go through such scrutiny before they are given the right to touch/read/hear certain material. the purchase of all weapons, handguns and rifles should be the same. The transfer of guns privately should also be tightly regulated. If owners sale or re-gift a gun then they should be held liable in the case if that weapon is used in a crime. How can one be held liable for the act of another. Lets look at motorist laws. If you willingly give your keys to an impaired driver the owner of the vehicle can be charged with manslaughter as well as the driver of the vehicle. Potential gun owners should also go through training on owning a gun. Why not we make drivers go through a year of probation before allowing them to drive alone on our streets. So why not do something similar with guns? These checks and balances we suggested will not impose any hardship on any current or potential gun owners. You have more laws governing the control of driving a 5000 pound car or truck than you do of purchasing a gun.

There is no valid reason for a law-abiding citizen to buy or shoot a semi-automatic assault rifle nor should they be allowed to be sold or traded. A hunter does not need to purchase a .50 caliber rifle to hunt a deer, bison, and there are no elephants running around free.

Many activists do not truly understand the second amendment so lets break it down. The second amendment only prohibits the federal government from banning firearms. But when the second amendment was written and established the weapons used were black powder weapons that requires a little effort to prepare to shoot. There were no 9mm Glocks, there were no AK-47’s, AR-15s nor MP15’s at that time. However, this amendment does not apply to states. Many states have realized this and have begun passing their own stricter gun laws. Such as Connecticut have passed strict gun laws and we will see many more states jumping onboard. Connecticut law is being touted as a blueprint for Congress:

The measures of the law that take effect right away include expanding the state’s assault weapons ban, background checks for every sale of a firearm and banning the sale of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

It also adds 100 types of firearms to the state’s weapons ban, and also creates the first kind of dangerous weapon offender registry in the nation, and more strict rules on buying ammunition.

Maybe the U.S. should take its que from places like Canada and impose rules such as training, risk assessment, two reference and spousal notification of purchasing a handgun.

In fact regulation is needed, but the 6 billion dollar a year National Rifle Association (NRA) will deny any report to keep their money afloat. Today we watch a 15-year-old girl tell why gun laws do not need to be strict. She said “if I had not learned to shoot my AR-15 I would not have gotten access to scholarships….” Scholarships really, has she not heard of applying oneself in their studies. Do they really need to give scholarships for marksmanship (outside of the military academies)?

So before you comment or argue your points in support of less gun control ask yourself this: why do I need a high-powered rifle or a semi-automatic assault rifle? If you can’t hit what you are aiming for the first time maybe you need to enroll in a course and learn to shoot. After all it only takes one shot to kill or wound a person not 32 rounds. You are not in the military and last time we looked this is not Syria.

WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA… and regain your morality.


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