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Gun Control – Why the fuss?

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U.S. Gun control Debate

Gun control has become the number one most talked about news in the country before and after the election. We have purposely chose to stay away from such a potential powder keg of a topic, but after hearing a few conversations by gun enthusiasts and non-gun owners it was about time to weigh in on this controversial topic.

So what is all the fuss over gun control laws? With the media claiming a rash of intense shootings across the country the outcry to curb gun violence became very loud especially after the horrific shooting of innocence in Sandy hook. Some blame the violence of Television others blame the violence in video games as the issue, but if this were the case why isn’t there a mass shooting each week? Like that statement the theory of blaming games and TV is nonsense. The real issue is the decline of moral society. But lets look at the gun debate. Continue reading

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