Students Sport KKK Robes in Class

Ku-Klux-Klan-public-domain-Library-of-Congress-e1359360718616Students in a Clark County school (Las Vegas, Nevada) have caused a rather uncomfortable situation in the school and county making the school district issue a statement of apology.

A class presentation that highlights the atrocities that were committed by the Klu Klux Klan sparked an outrage as some of the students dressed in similar robes worn by KKK members. The incident got media attention when one of the students was photographed and subsequently the photo published on social media websites Jan 9.

“While the presentation was designed to highlight the atrocities committed by the Klan, and there was no intention to harm or offend on the part of the students, it was in poor judgment and inappropriate for students to go to such lengths to convey their message,” We are deeply sorry for this offensive incident and appreciate your support and cooperation as we use these events as teachable moments about cultural and historical understanding,” Principal Scott Walker said in his Jan. 11 letter. Read more.

While teachers use many different aspects to keep, attract, entertain and enlighten students should there be limits on such visual aids? A few blacks such as School Trustee Linda Young and University of Nevada professor Esther Langston support the efforts of this teacher, stating “the teacher needed the academic freedom to educate students in a creative fashion.” According to one new source, the teacher in question is also the same teacher that allowed students to dress in Aldof Hitler costumes. Neither the teach nor the student received any disciplinary action.

Education is indeed a powerful tool that must keep pace with today’s distractions. Teachers must become creative in order to compete with video games, reality television, and social media. The use of visual presentations and media serve to reinforce learning and help convey certain messages to students. But does this carry things too far?

Stop sleepin’ and wake the hell up before you get caught up in the system.


One Response to “Students Sport KKK Robes in Class”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    instead of being shocked or horrified, some might be saying, don’t sound like a bad idea, let’s do it again, in this age of copycat mass murderers, look at what’s happening all over the country, mass murders, schools, movietheatres, shopping mlls,etc.

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