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What’s Driving the Division: Un-United States

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After two presidential debates and one VP debate, many Americans are still undecided on who to vote for and which candidate will be best for this country. Republicans are quick to say the past 4 years were terrible, but if you have read, listened, and looked closely over the past 4 years you can see a picture that was clearly starting to form. The picture if you are wondering is that of a RED party. There was no chance of a bipartisan House or Senate from the first day of the Obama Administration. Republicans quickly drew lines in the sand after the 2008 elections vowing to stop any bill and not work with now President Obama. In 2009, just days after the President was sworn in a memo was sent out to Republican senators stating to vote against the President’s measures. In addition, Mitch O’Connell was quoted as saying that the GOP’s top priority was making Obama a one term president. Continue reading

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