It’s not Race, It’s about Policy….Really?

There are less than 50 days before Americans head to the polls to vote for their candidate of choice. As the days wind down more and more attacks are coming from both sides, however, many have said this is just all political but is it really? NO it is not just political its about race. At the start of 2012, a RAMF created a bumper sticker (above image) that he was selling on his website that is filled with hatred toward the President not because he disagrees with policy, platform, but because of his race. This is Racial Politics at its best.

President Obama faced opposition before he even stepped in the office of the President with Senators and Congressmen drawing lines in the sand by making it known publically and privately that they will not work with this man. Anyone who dared work with Obama was seen not reelected to office. They questioned his birth right and his faith marking him as not an American (though he was born in Hawaii) and as a Muslim (though he is a Baptist). All pictures of a particular breed trying to divide citizens and parties. Those who sided with the President found themselves ousted or shunned by their own party (GOP) such is what happened to Former Governor Charlie Crist. The Florida Governor greeted President Obama at a speaking engagement in Florida concerning the state’s stimulus package. As Crist introduced the POTUS he extended his hand and embraced the President, and that embrace gave the GOP reason to oust the governor. Charlie Crist said “That hug caused me more grief from my former party than you can ever imagine.” Why did this happen when we have seen many politicians embrace one another from opposite party lines until Obama was voted in to office? House Speaker John Boehner has refused the President’s request to work together to bridge the party lines and has also failed to work with the POTUS to prevent a government shutdown. Though POTUS listed several of the same measures to prevent the shutdown of the federal government as his Republican counterparts they refused to sign the bill or even pass the bill, but yet was quick to point the finger at President Obama insisting it was his fault no deal was made.

We have seen blatant disrespect coming from member of the Senate such as Joe Wilson blurting out “You Lie” in the middle of the President’s first State of the Union address (September 2009). This is the first President where members of the Senate, Congress and media have refused to acknowledge his title simply either say Barack or Obama during their address of him. The lack of the use of the title is the same methodology used 67 years ago toward blacks in America. Blacks (Negros, African – Americans) at that time were called girl or boy never would a white person give the title of Mr. or Ms. to someone of color. The absence of Mr. President is so blatantly done not just by ordinary citizens but again from senator, congress men/women, and now even clergy.

Since President Obama has taken office billboards and caricatures of the President has popped up across the country even this one by a State Farm representative. Others have depicted a big eared or a resemblance of an ape and it had not just ended with the President but the depiction of his Wife. Offensive billboards have dotted the landscape of this country since the election of 2008.

This billboard was recently displayed in Mitt Romney’s home county and state

These racially inspired statements have split many congregations whose message was based on multi-culturalism. In 2012, chant’s and platforms on “we want our country back” have been heard, seen and spoken. This statement was echoed throughout the republican primaries and some candidates actually ran on that platform. “We want our Country back,” meaning what where did the Country go? In Reality it means they want it out of the hands of the black man. Susan Bankston, a white Democratic National Convention delegate from Richmond, Texas, said “Every time they say, `We want our country back,’ I know what that means” meaning they want it ran by them. James Taranto, a conservative Wall Street Journal columnist, to write: “Every comment from a Republican can be translated, through a process of free association, to: `We don’t like black people.’” During the RNC this year the GOP tried to make a statement of We like black and Latinos as they touted speakers of each on the platform. However, that attempt as feeble as it was has not lasted long. The story of a black CNN camera woman being taunted by the throwing of peanuts by two RNC goers was quickly buried and those two attendees barred from the convention. Do not twist the facts, not everyone who is white is a bigot there are some black bigots also and President Obama wouldn’t have been eleceted POTUS, but this election has many wondering what is going on. Just as Alec Baldwin tweeted: “If Obama was white, he’d be up by 17 points.” We can add if Obama was white would there be such dissention and would he be so unfairly crucified for his inheritance?

Unfairly Crucified:
This President has been blamed for the economy, the wars, the debt, joblessness, when none of these has he started or has caused. The economic conditions in America started deteriorating in summer of 2007 (during the Bush Administration). At that time the U.S. was involved in not just one war but two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan. While the first one was deemed necessary after 9/11 the war on Iraq can be seen as a vendetta or act of Vengeance again started by the Bush administration. By the start of 2008 some 350,000 Americans found themselves unemployed. The housing market started to crash as banks lent to those who could not necessarily afford a home, the large banks became a target as they watched the foreclosure rate climb and the banking industry started to take serious financial losses. In 2008, President Bush issued $152 billion in stimulus checks to the citizens of the U.S. in order to spark spending to help the economy but many upon many held on to the money instead of reinvesting it in the struggling economy. As Wall Street bubble started to burst Bush signed a second stimulus bill ($700 Billion) to prevent the collapse of many banks and businesses. However, these businesses and banks used the money to pay some of its debt but a majority was spent on lavish parties, and bonuses for top executives while thousands of American’s watched their homes being taken away from them. In 2007, the national debt was $9,007,653,372,262.48. In September of 2008, two months before Obama was elected President the debt was at $10,024,724,896,912.49. The cost of the Iraq War since its inception (under the Bush Administration) is $807,867,052,82.00 the cost of the Afghanistan war is $569,512,187,867.00 a total of fighting two wars $1,376,779,438,678.00 and counting each second. But this too was President Obama’s fault. In 2008 the U.S. unemployment rate was 6.1% a total of 605,000 jobs lost, again this was before President Obama was sworn into office (January 2009). By January 2009 the Jobless rate jumped to 7.2% and was still growing. By December of 2010, the number of unemployed persons decreased by 556,000 to 14.5 million in December, and the unemployment rate dropped to 9.4.

In January 2011, unemployment rose to 9.8% a slight increase from 2010, but quickly fell by the end of 2011 the U.S. jobless rate in 2011 was 8.9 percent, down 0.7 percentage point from the prior year. As of this writing the unemployment rate is at 8.1%. Since President Obama has taken off and implemented steps and policies the unemployment rate has steadily decreased as more jobs are being added. But you must know GOVERNMENT CANNOT CREATE JOBS, it can however, create an atmosphere of growth. This administration has not been credited the saving of thousands of jobs in the car industry, as many Republicans wanted the U.S. Automobile industry to fail (opposed the bailout of GM and Chrysler), when the President bailed out two of the three large automobile manufactures in the country. Not only did the stimulus offered to them benefit the companies it benefited America and the communities around the manufactures. Instead of laying off their workers they retooled and hired almost double allowing them to reenter the world market.

These two manufacturers have produced more desirable market share at home and abroad. However, what you will not hear is credit for the bailout, but what you will hear is that it was a risky move and he just got lucky. The President also kept two important promises, one that he will bring the troops home and health care will be made affordable and available to all U.S. citizens. The health care reform law was and still is the hottest debatable topic, with ads saying the President is stripping away Medicare and Social Security and forcing businesses to pay for health care coverage or be fined. We will discuss this in a later topic. But the latest claim is that President Obama wants us to be a welfare state, meaning you welfare recipients wouldn’t have to look for work, completely false. Those receiving federal assistance must prove that they are actively seeking employment or be cut from the program. More emphasis on job training has been placed in the laws as well as funding for re-training programs.

If you have not read the 565 page healthcare reform law then you should and stop going by what is said in the media or by those that oppose it and read it for yourself. The law actually places more money in Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security Benefits, which all of the 47% is currently utilizing in some form or fashion, thus ensuring these measures will survive for years to come. In actuality the Healthcare bill was modeled after Mitt Romney’s Healthcare plan in effect today. One would have to say if Mitt Romney introduced the bill instead of President Obama would it have been hotly debated and opposed?

So has the 4 years truly been as bad as the GOP and media has made it out to be? More jobs have been created. All citizens now have health care that covers pre-existing conditions (including cancer), American troops have been returning home. But not everything can be accomplished in 4 years especially when you have inherited 8 years of overspending, wars, economic collapse and civil unrest around the globe. Choose who you want in the 2012 election year, but before you start blaming the “Black guy” for everything, do your research first and make an educated decision. Be a leader not a follower and wake the HELL UP!


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