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RNC: This is How We Feed the Animals

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Where should this headline begin? The Republican National Convention kicked off this week after a delay from Hurricane Isaac. Many thousands of people filled the Tampa Bay Arena to hear the guest speakers and many news outlets were there to cover the story CNN was one of those broadcasting. Two patrons at the RNC were escorted out the convention and off the premises after throwing peanuts at a CNN camera person. Why would this get them kicked out of the event? It’s not just the actions but the words: “this is how we feed animals.” Continue reading


I Just shot a N****r!!!!

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July 30, 2012, 32-year-old Everett Gant went to the apartment of 59-year old Walton Henry Butler to talk to him about some racist statements he made to children in the apartment complex. Butler who was eating dinner answered the door and [we don’t know if there was an argument or not] shot Everett Gant in the head, closed the door, and returned to eating his dinner as Gant lay bleeding outside the door.

Gulf County police say that Butler acted confused as to his arrest stating ” I only shot a n****r!” Yeah you read that correctly. His response surprised police who have arrested Butler on attempted murder charges with added hate crime charges.

Gant is in stable condition and is recovering.

Butler was brought to the investigation unit where he was interviewed and basically admitted to shooting and acted like it was not like a big deal or anything…”I just shot a n****r!”

What is the value of a humans life? That depends on the color of his skin. For decades we as black have faced so many horrendous crimes against us that if written would fill every shelf in the Library of Congress. Things like this must stop, but many of this new generation is still oblivious to these matters. Many have said that there is no such thing as racism or that these things happened in the 1800s. No they still occur today. Just look around you; watch the news; listen to your surroundings. It happens everyday in every community.

Wake the Hell Up.

Gabby Douglas: 1st Black All-Around Gold Medalist

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Congratulations to Gabby Douglas on winning not only an Olympic Gold in all-around Team competition but also to when an individual all-around Olympic Gold Medal. Gabby became the first U.S. gymnast to win an all-around gold medal and team gold medal during the same Olympics. More importantly Gabby Douglas also became the first gymnast to win an all-around gold. But all you can talk about is her hair?

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