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A Just Corporation or an Unjust Movement?

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A Corporation stands for traditional Marriage
Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy, made a statement last week when asked how he felt on the gay marriage debate, when he said that he and his company “operate on biblical principles” and “are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit,” his company came under fire from the LGBT community and some politicians. Gay marriage has been a hotly debated topic in the past few years with more and more states jumping on the Sodom/Gomorrah bandwagon (as we will call it for now) it seems that LGBT has now become the voice of America even to the point that they can have such an effect to try and squash First Amendment rights. Do we tend to give groups too much power in this country?
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It was God’s Plan!? An Opinion Piece

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Yesterday on Fox News George Zimmerman gave a national interview on Hannity. Some of you have already heard the buzz over this interview but others may not have heard the context of the interview. During the interview Hannity asked several pointed and clear questions: if you had to do it over again would you? Yes, Zimmerman answered. Would you change anything? No Zimmerman stated. At one point in the interview you can clearly tell that Zimmerman was trying to play to the audience to gain some sort of sincerity as he turned and looked talking directly to the camera.

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A Town Divided: Racism in Jasper, TX

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Last year Jasper, TX was able to break through racial tensions and elect its first black police Chief, Rodney Pearson who was also the first black trooper in the town. There are 3,357 blacks; 3,177 white; 822 Hispanics living in Jasper, however the city council is primarily white except one black. So how did Mr. Pearson become chief of police, that’s simple. When Mr. Pearson was voted into office there were a total of four black city council members on the board who voted him into office, all the white members voted against him.
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