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Is Arizona filled with Racists?

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Barbara Espinosa calls POTUS a MonkeyOut of Arizona, the state that refused to acknowledge the Martin Luther King Jr holiday that the other 49 states and territories honor, comes yet another racial attack. However, this does not come from those of non-color but from a hispanic woman named Barbara Espinosa. Oh her talk show in Arizona, Ms. Espinosa says she calls President Obama the “The First Monkey President.” Yeah you read it correctly, Monkey, the same racial slur used in all parts of this country decades ago to describe blacks (and apparently still used today).
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Will it ever stop?

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I remember growing up as a young black child that the national odds of survival for young black youths were 1 in 10. They used to say if you made it to the age of 18 you were safe, then it was the age of 25, and then 30, now its age 13. There has been more and more news on the tragic death of young sons in the news lately. However, we still do not get the same media coverage as many others. This one has not yet made national news, but it should.
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Out of Darkenss: Comes Light

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Here is a bit of news that we are proud to share in spite of all the bad that goes on in society here is a truly positive story that we should all be proud to know. David Boone who has attended Cleveland’s specialized MC2STEM High School while homeless has been accepted to Harvard. Yes, your read it. HOMELESS. This young man beat every odd that was thrown at him and has excelled beyond those who have had everything. This fall He will enter Harvard on a full scholarship that will cover everything. David will graduate this month as the salutatorian of his class.
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