UCLA Discrimination

Universities are hailed as institutions of higher learning, intellectual establishments and a place of acceptance where young adults seek to find their identities. The blending of different cultures and nationalities are one of the experiences that students are exposed to during their college lives. All colleges and universities are made up of board of regents, student affairs and a wide array of diversity programs. However, one university seems to turn a blind eye to on campus racism and discrimination.

UCLA one of the countries most prestigious universities has been implicated in a discrimination lawsuit, not from a student, but one of its own distinguished alumnus and Physicians. Dr. Christian Head a prominent black physician at ULCA has been the target of racial slurs and attacks perpetrated by staff and colleagues seemingly under the okay from UCLA board members. In 2006, Dr. Head who is listed among the top surgeons in America attend a function at the UCLA campus where they showed a video/slide presentation. This sounds all well and good but the presentation he quickly realized was about him. in the slides was a picture of a gorilla on all fours with Dr. heads face Photoshopped on the gorilla’s body with a big smile. Standing behind the gorilla was a nude white male figure sodomizing the (him) gorilla. Dr. Head reported to school officials and to the board about this incident, but was told if he wanted tenure he would need to let it slide. He did and he made tenure but the derogatory comments and discrimination continued. He was not assigned any speaking engagements, his pay was cut, teaching opportunities were denied and it continues. Being the only black physician at UCLA Medical you can see these things happening especially when the University turns a blind eye.

It is outrageous that stories such as theses is not a rare occurrence but a common one throughout this country. With racial inequality already plaguing the status of many minority communities and pay gaps continue to increase among equally qualified people what more will we sit back and take. Dr. Head decided to file a lawsuit this year against UCLA for discrimination and has the NAACP in his corner. Many people have said where is the proof of all that he alleged. But what perpetrator of a crime will produce evidence against him. I can guarantee you that the slides from 2006 were destroyed that the university has taken steps to make sure no one comes to Dr. Head’s defense.

UCLA has a very low black population and admission of black and other minorities to its campus. To think at one point in my life i had considered attending this university. If we continue to let racism, bigotry and discrimination run rampant in our educational system the next generation will repeat what has already taken place hundreds of years ago and we will find ourselves in another civil rights case, another riot, another civil war but this time it wont be the North v. South it will be minority v. Caucasians. Something must be done so I urge you to sign the petition below and WAKE THE HELL UP!

A respected African American faculty surgeon filed a racial discrimination suit against the UCLA Medical Center and UC Regents. Dr. Christian Head has been intentionally degraded based on his race and UCLA officials have ignored blatant acts of racial discrimination, including an edited photo depicting Dr. Head as a gorilla being sodomized by his supervisor. That alone is offensive. But the fact that the photo was publicly presented for laughs during an annual medical school sponsored event attended by more than 200 physicians, faculty, residents and guests is both shocking and indefensible. Hear what Dr. Head has endured and what UCLA officials continue ignore.

To sign the petition to stop UCLA go here:


4 Responses to “UCLA Discrimination”

  1. Dr. Head is lying to himself stating this is the first time he’s experienced racism. Rather, he opted to ignore it and not speak out against it and all the other injustices present in surgical training to get to where he is. Now that he has achieved full professorship and his pockets are full, he’s speaking out. Ironically, the image describe actually symbolizes what surgery training is really like in this country. What he’s experiencing is nothing different than that experienced by others who choose to speak out against the current academic surgery environment, irrespective of race/gender.

    He will win his lawsuit, but I have to wonder if he will continue to turn a blind eye to all the injustices in academic medicine or utilize his leadership position to change the surgery training in this country.

    • Revolverlution Says:

      @ymc, I think you made a valid point. Where he said that he has never experienced racism until now, I shake my head in response. It must be nice to have never expereienced racism but for the rest of us, it surrounds us on a routine basis. I think this was an eye opener for him, but like you I too wonder if he will continue to turn a blind eye or will he speak up.

  2. Dismiss the racists

  3. How can we end this if we dont face it. UCLA show be held accountable

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