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Black is Beautiful: Especially Wielding a Katana

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I can’t say it enough, the black woman is definitely the most beautiful and versatile of women on the planet. Do I hear the women sayin’ you got that right? Some may think this is a racist statement, but I assure you it is not. I appreciate all races but personally to me there is none more beautiful than the bronzed skinned, caramel skinned, light-skinned, and dark-skinned women of color.

Let me introduce to you the newest feminine beauty to hit the screen, Danai Gurira.
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Brutal Baltimore

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Tiyon Williams a young black man with no criminal history nor warrants was beaten by Baltimore police. Williams who was leaving a neighborhood store say one of his friends being thrown to the grown by the Baltimore police. upon seeing the police handle his friend, Williams became scared and ran. Police caught up to him, Williams raised his hands in the air (above his head); however, the police slammed him into some concrete steps and broke his nose.
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Young Black Thugs: Put Em Down Like Dogs

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School psychologist Mark A Traina, the other day, Tweeted the above statements talking about the incarceration rate of black youth in the Jefferson Parish area of Louisiana. Mr. Traina is also the same person that believes Zimmerman was the actual victim in the Trayvon Martin Murder.

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And You think it doesn’t Exist: Jason Smith killed by KKK

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****warning some images in the video may be disturbing.****

**************THIS MAY BE A HOAX we are vetting this information now **************

In 2011, a 14-year-old black teenage boy named Jason Smith was killed in Louisiana by members of the KKK. This is the fathers testimony of what happened to his son and a plea for justice. I have heard this generation both black and white say racism does not exist anymore and I just start shaking my head. Is this generation that naive to think that because they may have not personally experienced racism that it does not exist?

History has a way of repeating itself if nothing changes and cases like this are starting to surface all across the country from Trayvon Martin to Jason Smith. We will try to bring more information about this video and case as it is revealed. Until then Raise yo fist and wake the hell Up…

Super PAC Attacking President Obama

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Well, well, well what won’t these people do in order to fulfill their hidden and deceitful practices to get President Obama out of office? Is it just because he is Black? Today it was revealed by the New York Times that a Super PAC has put an intense advertising campaign together attacking President Barack Obama entitled “The Defeat of Barack Huessein Obama – The Ricketts Plan to End His Spending for Good.”

This attack campaign is to do what Senator McCain would not do, attack the President on a personal level. The plan called to run a barrage of advertisements about the relationship of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and President Obama. The proposal is being overseen by Fred Davis and commissioned by Joe Ricketts owner of Chicago Cubs and founder of TD Ameritrade.
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Senseless Deaths

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Such a sad, sad situation out of Port St. John this Tuesday. We often hear of these murder suicides taking place in white areas of town or white communities, but this time it was a black family. 33-year old Tonya Thomas decided to not only end her life, but those of her 4 children. According to reports the family had many domestic violence calls at the premises before the killings early Tuesday morning.

I can’t imagine taking the life of my own children, what would drive a mother to take her children’s life is yet to be known. The nation was first shocked by Shaquan Duley who killed her children by suffocating them and driving into a South Carolina River. But these two mothers are only two of a few such tragedies. Last year Leshanda Armstrong killed her small 3 children by driving into the Hudson river (she changed her mind at the last moment but it was too late). Is this a growing trend? or is this just an outcry for help from over worked, over stressed and over burden mothers.

UCLA Discrimination

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Universities are hailed as institutions of higher learning, intellectual establishments and a place of acceptance where young adults seek to find their identities. The blending of different cultures and nationalities are one of the experiences that students are exposed to during their college lives. All colleges and universities are made up of board of regents, student affairs and a wide array of diversity programs. However, one university seems to turn a blind eye to on campus racism and discrimination.
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