“You don’t belong in this neighborhood!”

Jules Moor, Pearland TX
Oh Wake up AmeriKKKa, oh how far you veil has been torn and your face is yet being shown once again. You are probably wondering what this is all about so let me inform the uninformed and mislead. On the heels on the Trayvon Martin murder perpetrated by Zimmerman, comes a story out of Pearland, TX where a young black teen boy riding his go-kart with friends was targeted by a woman driving a jeep.

The story broke on March 29, 2012 by the mother of the child who happens to be a reporter. 13-year-old Jules Moor was riding his go-kart, in his neighborhood with a friend who was spending spring break with Jules, on Tuesday evening when Deanna Johnson, a middle-aged white female slammed her Jeep into his go-kart. According to Jules and two of his friends, Jules was operating his go-kart in the street going home when he saw two cars behind him. Jules then pulled the go-cart completely off the street and jumps the curb up onto the grass median of a neighborhood park to avoid the two cars. He goes on to state that he saw Deanna Johnson deliberately swerved, jumped the curb onto the grass median and slammed her jeep into the 13 year olds go-kart. At this point Deanna Johnson uttered the words “You don’t belong in this neighborhood!”
These vigilantes are out of control, if you are young and black in AmeriKKKa it is open season on you. With the Sanford police in Florida refusing to make an arrest at the time Trayvon Martin was shot by a wanna-be neighborhood watch and police officer and now this act of unprovoked violence (still with no charges pending) against this young black child there needs to be answers given. That wood has already been gathered and gas has been poured on the wood all that is needed is a spark, and that spark is about to be created.

Here is the full article because i know it will be hard to find later (taken from ireport on cnn.com)

It was just another Tuesday evening in a normally quiet neighborhood in Pearland, Texas, where kids are often found playing with one another and driving go-carts.

A family had just returned from Galveston on a spring break excursion, when upon their return, all of a sudden the unthinkable happened.

“You don’t belong in this neighborhood!”

These are the words that Jules Moor, a 13-year old black child, says that Deanna Johnson, a middle-aged white female, said to him after Johnson slammed her 2011 Jeep Wrangler into his go-cart on Tuesday, March 13, 2012.

STRUCK BY VEHICLE – According to court documents obtained from Jules’ attorney, Sylvester Anderson, Jules went for a ride in his go-cart in his neighborhood with another 13-year old boy who had been spending spring break with the Moor family. A third minor boy, another friend of Jules’, rode a small bicycle behind the go-cart.

Jules saw two cars behind him while driving back home, so he decided to drive his go-cart completely off the road to his right onto the grassy edge of the neighborhood park to avoid being in the way of traffic.

It is then that Jules states that Johnson swung her vehicle across the south-bound lane of the road, ran over the curb onto the grass and deliberately and intentionally rammed her vehicle head-on into the go-cart.

According to Jules, Johnson got out of her vehicle and confronted the boys in a hostile and threatening manner yelling “Where do you live? Who are your parents?” while shaking her finger at the kids. Jules goes on to say, “With all due respect, Ma’am, I live down the street,” to which Johnson allegedly tells him that she didn’t care and that she was calling the police.

Jules called his mother and told her that Johnson had hit his go-cart and didn’t know why.


“He thought he was going to die,” said Theresa Moor, mother of Jules. “All I could do was stop what I was doing, grab my keys and make my way to my child.”

As Theresa arrived, she saw that the go-cart had been damaged severely and learned from Jules that Johnson had accused the boys of not living in the neighborhood. As Theresa approached Johnson to find out what happened, Johnson put her palm up to her face in a dismissive manner, refused to talk, went back to her truck and rolled up the windows.

Frustrated at the way things were transpiring, Theresa contacted the police and several Brazoria County Sherriff’s deputies arrived.

According to Theresa, she overheard Johnson claim that she was trying to “detain” the boys because they looked like some kids that they had seen earlier riding bicycles onto the driveways of houses in the neighborhood.


Jules and the other 13-year old boy in the go-cart sustained back and neck injuries as a result of the wreck. The boys had collars placed on their necks, were placed on stretchers and taken by ambulance to the emergency room of Southeast Memorial Hermann Hospital. They were treated and released, but Jules has since been diagnosed with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and is seeing a therapist regularly.

According to Theresa, her son has been completely traumatized and has not been the same after the ordeal. He doesn’t wish to talk about the wreck.

“My son is not the same,” says Theresa. “He doesn’t want to play outside anymore or leave the house alone. I just don’t know why she did this to my child.”


It is still unclear why Johnson decided to do what she did. Johnson never apologized for ramming her truck into the go-cart and jeopardizing the lives of the three children and according to witnesses, was seen laughing as she spoke with the Sheriff’s deputies.

Johnson was not arrested or drug-tested upon the admission of her actions. The Sheriff’s department Captain that came on the scene decided not to arrest Johnson upon consulting with the District Attorney.

“I don’t think this was handled properly,” says Anderson.

by Jeffrey L. Boney, For more go to : http://www.forwardtimesonline.com


2 Responses to ““You don’t belong in this neighborhood!””

  1. This sickens me-that’s all I can say.

    • Revolverlution Says:

      I totally agree. This story almost slipped under the radar, so I decided to bring it to the light.

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