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Strange Comparison: Cornbread & Trayvon

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Comparison Cornbread and TrayvonIn the past few weeks since the Trayvon Martin murder the media outlets and individuals have commented on what they speculate took place. Theories have surfaced about the initial stop, (possible struggle) and shooting on that rainy night when Trayvon was accosted and shot by Zimmerman. We have all heard how art imitates life or vice versa.
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One April Fool’s Too Many?!?!

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And it keeps happening over and over in Georgia. Maybe they should change the state flag to the Confederate flag as it seems they seem to show “who they really are” in the peach state. In Cobb County Georgia, a local high school published a “Top 20 Reasons why President Obama should not be re-elected” in their April Fools edition of the school newspaper. However, the joke is on them this time as the article has incited some backlash from the students and community.

School Newspaper April Fool Joke gone bad.Students at Sprayberry High’s newspaper issued an apology about the article stating that it was intended to be a satirical piece on that made fun of what was being said in the media. However, many found it offensive. The school newspaper, The Zinger issued an apology in this mornings student body video broadcast.

“Response to Stinger Newspaper Article

Recently, the Sprayberry newspaper The Stinger published an article trying to humorously comment on the President. In regards to the Obama article, we would like to say that the article was meant as a piece of satire. The article was published in our April Fool’s section, The Zinger, of the newspaper and was meant to be a comedic take on the media’s comments on the President. Satire is the use of humor, irony or exaggeration to poke fun at certain parts of society. We realize that this did not come off as we intended, and we sincerely apologize for offending anyone.”

I Ain’t No Racist!

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Business owner call Obama a Nigger

Sign posted outside Georgia Peach Oyster Bar

Yesterday, a small business owner in Atlanta, GA made the news, not for heroics nor a great invention but for a sign. Patrick Lanzo owner of the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar in Paulding County placed a sign outside his business that reads: “I Don’t Support the N***er in the White House.” Mr. Lanzo claims that he is no racist, just that he loves practicing his right of free speech. He placed the sign to of course show his dislike of President Obama. However, the sign goes to far. It is one thing to say you dislike the president, but to utter the words or write the word N***er is seriously disrespectful to not only the office, to the man himself but to the race.
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The New Segregation

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Brown v. Board of Education, Rubie BridgesIn 1954, the U.S. supreme Court overturned the 1896 Plessy v. Fergusson decision in the Brown v. Board of Education which paved the way of the desegregation of public schools. Black children were escorted to school under armed guard in the southern states as violence and threats from outraged white citizens swept through states such as Mississippi to North Carolina. Today black children and white children walk to school side by side, eat lunch, learn and socialize in our schools.
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Obey Your Masters

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“Slaves, Obey your Masters,” a quote taken from the Bible (Colossians 3:22) was used in early March on a Pennsylvania Billboard in a racially diverse neighborhood. Reading the text (used out of context) alone may not send you running to the nearest NAACP office, however, when coupled with the imagery of a black slave with a collar around his neck the entire perspective has changed. An atheist group in Pennsylvania placed the above billboard in such an area causing a large outcry in the black community. The billboard did not remain up very long and was ripped down by citizens within this community. The local NAACP is and Pa Human Rights Coalition is investigating the incident and meeting with the atheist organization.
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How the World Sees You?

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Well the world just keep showing its true face day by day the mask is peeled off. I just saw this today (thanks to a friend of mine for sharing), but in Sweden a macabre scene took place Saturday with the Swedish Minister of culture. Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, (Self-proclaimed “anti-racist”) Minister of Culture, attended a tax funded party in Stockholm for the cultural elite.

She kicked off the party by slicing into a cake and sharing it with a performer. I know not so bad huh, but wait the cake was no ordinary cake. The cake was made to look like an African woman like those we see in some statues; the part she sliced was that of the womans vagina, in essence performing a clitoridectomy. She then fed the piece to a performing artists who was dressed in “black face.” This stands in stark contrast to her official political stance as being totally against Racism.
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Dis-Service: Black Marine Killed in White Plains

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So many things are coming to light after Trayvon’s murder in Sanford, Florida last month, from shootings to threatening nooses left and trees. The most recent one that I will share with you is not so recent afterall. Last November 2011, 68-year old Kenneth Chamberlain was fatally shot in his apartment by White Plains New York police officers. Mr. Chamberlain a former black marine accidentally set off his medical alert bracelet and the police responded. Upon the police arriving to the residence, Mr. Chamberlain told them to go away at that moment according to reports the police kicked open the door and tasered the 68-year old, shot him with a bean-bag gun and then shot him, he later died at a hospital. Mr. Chamberlain’s medical alert system in his apartment recorded the entire confrontation that occurred November 19, 2011.
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