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And when you thought it was over: Surprise Black America! Welcome to the South!!!!!

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Teens charged with murder of a 49 year old black man in Jackson MississippiWhere the flag raised is red white and blue and the stars soar, another vicious crime has been committed. A crime so vicious it has been seen in many movies such that depict the violence against black people. The flag that I am talking about is not the U.S. Flag, but yet the rebel flag that is so commonly flown in southern states. In June 2011, a black man was rundown and killed by a carload of white teenagers in Jackson Mississippi. It was not an accident, but a purposeful murder. Continue reading


A Generation Lost

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On June 18, 2011 a bus in Philly came under semi-automatic fire as a result of a comment. A young woman who entered the bus spanked her young child when a passenger behind her threatened to call CPS (Child protective Service) on her for spanking her child. She made a phone call and at the next stop her uncle met them at the stop where two gunmen (UNMASKED) opened fire on the bus as an act of revenge. Continue reading

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