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Railroad Built Through the Justice System

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25-year-old Rachel Nelson was convicted on 3 counts for the death of her son while crossing a street in Atlanta, GAThe United States of America’s Justice System is the biggest joke next to the politicians in the government. Raquel Nelson a 25-year-old single mother of three from Atlanta, GA faces a three-year prison while grieving the loss of her 4-year old son. Raquel Nelson is the latest victim of this nonsense called the justice system. in April 2010, Raquel was using the public transportation system to travel home with her children to her Marietta apartment when her life changed suddenly. At 7:30pm EST, the city bus dropped off Ms. Nelson and her children across the street from her apartment complex. Like every person will do, she decided to cross the street instead of walking 3/10th of a mile to the nearest cross walk. While crossing the street her 4-year old son broke loose from her hand and ran into the street where he was hit and killed by Jerry Guy who fled the scene, by the way Mr. Guy was drunk. Continue reading

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